GKT offers services on your needs, which are offered singularly or as annual service packages to you.


  • Fast reaction
  • Short terms elimination of errors
  • Individually tailored advice

Consultation & optimisation

  • Technical development
  • Firing procedure technology
  • PMC advice and optimisation
  • Kiln and plant optimisation
  • Product handling automation and optimisation

Renovation & repair

  • Energy saving
  • Realistic consumption reduction
  • Reasonable modernization
  • Renewal of different components
  • Plant extension
  • PMC and visualisation upgrade

Education & training

  • Education and advice based on your demand and plant
  • Training on the board
  • Optimization of the kiln & plant
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Programming and visualisation training

Spare parts

  • Procurement of all spare parts
  • Avoidance of downtimes

Our goal is to help you, to lower your costs and increase your productivity!

Talk to us, we listen and help.