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German Kiln Technology GmbH ist ein bedeutender hochtemperatur Industrieofenhersteller  
German Kiln Technology GmbH  
German Kiln Technology GmbH ist ein bedeutender hochtemperatur Industrieofenhersteller.  
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High temperature roller kiln in new ownership  
Bell type kilns  
For firing A2O3 Ceramic TC Tubes Rollers Kiln furniture Refractories Key data Setting volume: up to 20 m³ Setting width: up to 2 m Setting height: up to 3 m Firing temperature:…  
Kiln Plants  
Discontinuous and continuous industrial kiln plants    
Spare parts  
Ersatzteile für WISTRA Anlagen
Spare parts for WISTRA
Firing systems  
Firing systems For many years and develops our colleague examines different burner types and firing concepts. Whether assigned in industrial furnace or after-burning plants with different fuels…  
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