Process Measurement and Control

The measurent and control system is a component of process engineering and beside the burner technology and high temperature brick lining is process engineering the most important element of the building of industrial furnaces. Most modern, air conditioned, control cabinets with integrated high speed electronics are standard and manufactured in Germany generally. Thus we shape a GKT standard. All installation elements are world market products, with this we secure a simple spare part exchange. We program our procedure software according to your requirements for the firing process and control.

Thus we achieve substantial advantages in the fuel technology.

Firing technological advantages

  • increase of the product quality
  • improvement of the constancy of quality
  • improvement of the reproducibility

For your enterprise a result of it the directly following economic and technical advantages arise.

Economic advantages

  • time and cost saving in the manufacturing
  • increase of operator and operation safety
  • efficient plant-specific maintenance

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