You would like to have gladly a monitoring of the kilns from different offices or control centres. In addition a clear access level structure those their firm philosophy and management corresponds. We develop most progressive process control systems - SCADA - with Siemens, WinCC, Stange, Omron or Allen Breadley and transform it into user friendly and clear visualisation screen. So that you can act fast and surely, stand clear structures, simplest operation and clarity with us in the first place. You have load pursuit, process cycles, parameter, alarms, etc. thereby at any time under control.

The advantages are obvious:

  • simple quality management
  • clear representation
  • secure load pursuit according to ISO
  • flexibility in the production process

You can call the stored furnace data up, like firing curves, flow rates, consumption and achievements etc. too at any time, also after years. Like that a constant quality control and product pursuit are completely ensured according to ISO.

We are always at your disposal, so speak with us for expert advice.

Some examples